• Dream dance!
    Best friends David (left) and Dinesh share two things in common - their fandom for Tamil actor Vijay and their love for dancing. "Our PE teacher taught us how to dance. Right now, we are learning hip hop!" shouts out David before diving into a headstand. Dancing is among the many fun activities that keep Dinesh, David and 400 other children in school at HOPE foundation Matriculation School in Kannagi Nagar, Chennai.

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  • Health first
    A mother of three, Sunita met a gynecologist at our health camp in December 2015 – for the first time in her life! “There were many things I didn’t know, the doctor gave me a full body check-up and also gave me tips on how to eat a healthy diet with food I can afford,” she says. Like Sunita, many of the 4,600 women who attended our health camps across India had never consulted a gynecologist before.

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  • A mother’s dream
    Sangeeta is the newest earning member in her family and she’s never been happier! After learning tailoring at our vocational center in Goregaon, Mumbai, she is now earning Rs 3,000 to Rs 5,000 a month from orders from friends and neighbors. “It may not be much but whatever I earn is a big help for my husband in giving the best to our son and our daughter – they mean the world to me,” says Sangita.

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  • Idolising a family legacy
    Meet the idol maker from Varchakudi, a quaint coastal village in Nagapattinam. With a lending hand from our zero-interest loan program, 52-year-old Karthikeyan has turned his father’s humble enterprise into a flourishing business with an annual turnover of Rs 5 lakh – that’s nearly $800! With a production of about 100 idols daily, he has also created jobs for 10 women in his village.

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  • The boy who loves puzzles
    Little Vijay (name changed) loves puzzles of any kind – he spends most of his playtime working jigsaw pieces or assembling toy pieces together. This eight-year-old came to live with us at Asharan Orphanage in Delhi two years ago. When we admitted him to school, he was fascinated by objects like pencils, picture books and toys – he said he had never seen them before!

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