HOPE foundation is a non-sectarian charity established in 1991 and is registered as a society under the Societies Registration Act of 1860 in Delhi. HOPE foundation started its work by caring for leprosy patients and bandaging the wounds of these leprosy patients and thereby meeting their primary need.

Hope foundation started working in other cities to meet the needs of the community. Now HOPE foundation has a team of over 500 people and many more volunteers and partners, and our work spans across 19 cities in India.


Bringing Hope, Changing Lives

Focus Areas

Education, Care (Orphans & Elderly), Healthcare, Skill Development, Livelihood, Disaster relief


Providing education through formal and non-formal schools, Caring for Orphans and Elderly through a residential home providing for their food, shelter, education, medical and other basic needs, Providing Healthcare through primary clinics and prevention through public health programs, Skill development programs like Computer training, Spoken English courses, Sewing programs, Masonry training, Retail training, etc. Livelihood programs by providing interest free loans for starting business, animal husbandry programs etc. and being involved in providing disaster relief as and when required.

Legal Status

HOPE foundation is a non-sectarian charity established in 1991
Societies Registration No.: Registration number S/22367 of 1991
FCRA No. Reg. number: 231660788,
Our Banker; Axis Bank, New Delhi , Nirman Bhawan Branch
TAN : DELH04269G
12A: No. DIT(E)2001-02/H-401/2001/636
80G. : No. DIT(E) 2009-10/DEL-HE20472-15072009/1078
Auditor’s name: M/s V S P V Chartered Accountants, New Delhi

Distribution of Paid Staff According to Compensation

Gross Salary Plus Benefits (Rs/ month)

  • <5,000 — Male 0, Female 3, Total 3
  • 5,000-10,000 — M 21, F 96, T 117
  • 10,000-25,000 — M 106, F 141, T 247
  • 25,000-50,000 — M 38, F 20, T 58
  • 50,000-100,000 — M 10, F 5, T 15
  • 100,000> — M 3, F 0, T 3

Monthly Remuneration

  • Head of the organization Rs 1,39,898
  • Highest paid staff member Rs 1,87,333
  • Lowest paid staff member Rs 3,831

Details of International Travel by Staff/ Volunteers /and Board Members at the Expense of the Organization in the Last Financial Year

1. Name: Ian Correa – Staff
Designation: Director-Development
Purpose: Donor relations and fund raising
Cost Incurred: Rs 1,32,066
Sponsored: Rs 1,32,066

2. Name: Paulraj Chandrashekar – Staff
Designation: Sr Program Director
Purpose: Donor relations and fund raising
Cost Incurred: Rs 30,000
Sponsored: Rs 30,000

3. Name: Madhuri – Staff
Designation: Accountant
Purpose: Donor relations and fund raising
Cost Incurred: Rs 20,000
Sponsored: Rs 20,000

Financial Reports

Receipts and Payments 2015

Receipts and Payments 2016

Receipts and Payments 2017

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