Asharan Orphanage, New Multan Nagar


SUPPORTED BY: Multiple partners

Asharan Orphanage in east Delhi’s New Multan Nagar locality has been a home to over 500 children since it was established in 1998. The name ‘Asharan’ translates as ‘refuge of hope’ (Hindi: ‘asha’ means hope and ‘sharan’ means refuge).

Many of the children who come to Asharan have either been abandoned or lost from home. Most of them are brought in by the police through the Child Welfare Committee. We provide custody, care, medical treatment, education and rehabilitation for the children.

When a child comes to live at Asharan, our first effort is to restore the child to his or her family. We report the child as lost and notify the family through the local media and the police. Usually, if a child has been abandoned, the parents do not come forth. Our next effort is to care for the child until they can be put up for adoption.

Asharan has been licensed to place children for adoption within India since 1998, and internationally since 2002. In 2015, we cared for 40 children, of whom 18 were new admissions the same year. Ten of the children have been restored to their biological parents, and 12 others adopted.

Asharan is equipped to house a child till the age of ten. If a child here has not been adopted by age ten, he or she is transferred to a foster care home.



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