With the support of DELL, in 2018-19, HOPE foundation is implementing the STEP (Systematic Technology Enhancement Program) under the Dell Youth Learning program to 20 partnered schools in Chennai, Coimbatore, Achrapakkam, Pudupattinam, Tharangambadi, Chinnagudi, Hyderabad & Bangalore impacting 10000+ students/youth and 350+ teachers.

STEP works towards inspiring schools for innovation in their everyday instructions and learning approaches where the children get an opportunity to develop the essential ICT and 21st century skills and engage teachers to use innovation in classroom instructing.

The program focuses on building the capacities of the government school teachers in using technology through continued professional development to ensure children who previously might have had limited access to technology, now have access to the best technology and ICT education linked to their curriculum.

Technology Integrated Teaching: Aims to motivate teachers to take greater ownership and use technology in the classroom. Teachers are provided with contents aligned with their curriculum, which the teacher can use in the classroom to improve the students learning experience. The content sourced through different websites, curated as per the need of the topic and delivered to different schools. The program is also providing Projectors, Desktops and laptops in the classrooms.

Integrated Digital Literacy: ICT skills of students from 1st to 12th Std are built based on the curriculum designed by the education department. Students get hands on experience by performing small projects on laptops and desktop under the guidance of the teachers and mentors.

The goal of HOPE foundation is to empower the capacities and competencies of the teachers and students in using technology and ICT Skills for improved teaching and learning outcomes in all the 20 partnered schools which will further lead to development in ICT integration in subject teaching; Instructional practice; Content knowledge; Curriculum support and Continuous lifelong learning; Besides this, this program will draw near the teachers and students closer to the most required 21st century skills like Collaboration; Problem solving; Communication; Creativity and innovation; Self-regulation and initiative.

Since 2011, 70,000+ students have been directly benefitted from the DYL program.

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