Of dreams and dances

Their love for dancing and their fandom for Tamil actor, Vijay, have brought best friends David (left) and Dinesh together. But each one is chasing a different dream – while fifth grader Dinesh wants to become a professional dancer, 7th grader David wants to join the army when he grows up, inspired by a movie starring his favorite actor Vijay.

Dinesh and David are students at HOPE foundation Matriculation School in Kannagi Nagar, Chennai. The school provides free English medium education to more than 400 children from in and around the Kannagi Nagar slum rehabilitation colony. We teach pre-kindergarten to 10th grade. We have 16 teachers, two computer trainers and three supporting staff.

For our students, school is more than just lessons – with computer-aided learning, smart classrooms, a well-stocked library, science lab and a variety of extra-curricular activities and sports, children are motivated to come to school every day! We also have after-school special classes to help slow learners. We work to ensure students attend school regularly.

Under our program ‘Powering the Possible’ supported by our partner Dell Inc., the students are learning with a special focus on digital literacy. Through tools, resources and opportunities for both teachers and students, our effort is to move beyond basic technology skills and integrate digital literacy to help the children develop skills on par with those with privileged access to education.

What we do
Close to 14,000 children are preparing for a better future at HOPE foundation's nursery and primary schools, non-formal schools, education and tuition centers in some of the most impoverished localities in India.

The focus of our schools is on quality education and overall development of the child through training of teachers, access to libraries, computer-aided learning and sports. We accompany the child through her or his education till the 10th Standard after which she or he can choose either college or a vocation. We pay special attention to the education of girls.

We have 16 schools in addition to our partnership with 17 government schools across 12 cities and towns in India.

Here's why
In India, every second child drops out of school before reaching middle school. 45 million children of school-going age in India work instead of attending school.

(International Labour Organization)