The boy who loves puzzles

Vijay (name changed) remembers losing his mother who died of a prolonged illness when he was four. His troubled father would often get violent and Vijay had only his grandfather to turn to. In 2014, when he was only six, Vijay ran from home. When a beat cop found him on the streets of west Delhi, he was hungry and terrified. When the cop asked him where his home was, he told him he didn’t want to go home. That’s when he came to live with us at Asharan Orphanage in New Multan Nagar.

Vijay had never been to school. He had never interacted with children his age. Initially, Vijay kept to himself. We admitted him in Lower Kindergarten at the Guru Nanak private school nearby. Vijay was fascinated by objects such as pencils, picture books and toys – he said he’d never seen these before.

Over time, Vijay learned to study and play with the other children at Asharan. We also asked the older children to help Vijay settle in. Today, Vijay is eight years old and in Upper Kindergarten. He likes to help people. His favorite game is any kind of puzzles – he spends most of his time working jigsaw pieces or assembling toy pieces together. Vijay still doesn’t want to go back home and is waiting for a new family who will love him and give him a better life.

What we do

Over a thousand abandoned children, elderly people and HIV/AIDS patients have found shelter and care at homes of HOPE. We provide them with education, skills training, medical care, recreation and rehabilitation.

HOPE foundation has two orphanages in Delhi and Trichy, a hostel for street children in Bangalore, a home for HIV/AIDS afflicted in Chennai, a community care center in Tirunelveli, an old age home in Kochi and a housing facility for flood-affected in Raichur. We also work with a government home for the mentally challenged in Delhi.

Here's why

There are an estimated 11 million abandoned children in India. 90% of them are girls.

(UNHCR report, Times of India, April 2011)