Cyclone in Myanmar, 2008

On May 2, 2008, cyclone Nargis swept through the southern regions of Myanmar, devastating one of the poorest regions in Asia. An estimate 2.4 million people were affected in Yangon and the Southern Delta region, with countless number of lives lost and many more rendered homeless.

HOPE worldwide worked with its local partners to provide relief in the affected areas.

Our work

  • The focus of our work was on getting food and medical supplies to the affected. We distributed 1,500 kg (3,000 pounds) of food and medical supplies from warehouses in Indonesia and Thailand. These supplies were used to help the most vulnerable among the affected, especially the communities who were already living poorly.
  • A mobile medical clinic that we started served the Dala Township communities for three months. On the first day, the clinic saw 270 people attended to by six doctors; most of the patients were babies and the elderly.
  • Rehabilitation through housing with the help from Manpower via United Way International.

Our partners such as the churches in the Western United States and Asia, the American Embassy School New Delhi and Children's HOPE India of New York have generously donated and supported our work in Myanmar.