Cyclone in Orissa, 1999

On October 29, 1999, a Category 5 storm with 25-foot tidal surges and wind speed of 260 km/h devastated the coastal area of Orissa, leaving 15,000 people dead.

A six-member team from HOPE foundation left for Ersama Block, the most severely affected area, on November 15. More volunteers helped out in our offices with the purchase, packing and delivery of relief materials. The Resident Commissioner of Orissa in Delhi and the Northern Railways helped us transport the relief materials to Orissa.

We were able to help 700 families in fifteen villages in Ersama Block.

Our work

  • Distribution of 700 blankets, 700 torches, 1,000 packets of candles, 200 packets of milk powder, 200 packets of Bournvita (chocolate malt drink mix), 1,000 packets of biscuits, 360 kg of plastic sheets for roofs and medicines worth Rs 12,000 ($275), and 250 kg of dal (lentils). The materials were distributed through a token system to ensure everyone received their share.
  • Medical camp where 125 patients were treated.
  • Donation of medicines worth Rs 10,000 ($230) to Rabindra Nath Jena, a Registered Medical Practitioner in one of the villages we visited, to continue the treatment of the injured.