Village of HOPE, Tahirpur


SUPPORTED BY: Multiple partners

Over 4,000 people affected by leprosy have found a home, care and livelihood at Village of HOPE in Tahirpur, Delhi. Built in 1993 in collaboration with the Department of Social Welfare Delhi, Village of HOPE has 792 houses with 800 families. The homes we have built are a contrast to the mud dwellings that they lived in earlier. In Village of HOPE, the people live in concrete houses with clean drinking water, electricity, toilets, sewage and drainage system, paved roads, playgrounds, a health clinic and two bandaging units.

But rehabilitation for us goes beyond shelter. We started a vocational training center that provides skills for new livelihoods. We have courses in life skills, computer skills, retail skills, sewing and crafts and spoken English. In 2015, we introduced paramedical training (exclusively for women) for the first time. We also offer small loans at zero interest to help people start small businesses such as grocery shops, mobile vegetable shops, tailoring units and auto-repair shops.

Our bandaging units treat 90 wounds daily – that’s over 160,000 since 2000. Over 3,000 young people in Village of HOPE are skilled for a job. 90% of our residents have new livelihoods – less than 5% of the residents now beg.

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