Computer Training Centre (Ariba), Varthur



The young people of Varthur, a semi-urban suburb of Bangalore, Karnataka, always had big dreams. What was missing was the opportunity. This is why we started a vocational training center here in February 2008. Earlier, for the young people, learning skills such as computers meant being able to afford the handful of expensive private centers close by or traveling great distances for cheaper options. Today, they can learn computers at fees they can afford right in their own neighborhood.

Since 2008, nearly 1,000 people have learned computers at our Varthur center. Many of them have also trained in our retail skills program, life skills and spoken English, widening their job opportunities. The center has three instructors to train and mentor the students. On completion of their training, we help the students prepare for job interviews and organize placements. Our annual job fair in Bangalore has become a regular feature, where students from our training centers in the city meet potential employers from a wide spectrum of services – many of them are hired on the spot! The center sees an annual enrolment of over 150 students. We have had over 80% pass rate and the employability of the students is also about 80%.