Cyclone Fani Relief Work

Cyclone “Fani” struck the state of Orissa on the 3rd  of May 2019 leaving its destructive trail in 11 districts of the state . The districts of Khurda and Puri were severely affected and this is of great significance as the capital city of Bhubaneswar which is situated in the district of Khurda has been left ravaged by the savage hands of the cyclone.

Bhubaneswar looked like a ghost town with tress uprooted , electric poles fallen down , glass panes broken , doors and windows ripped off from some homes , asbestos roofs flown away .

In the aftermath of this natural devastation , the HOPE foundation volunteers from Bhubaneswar have collected groceries and vegetables, carried them across and provided to those in need, later another group of 12 volunteers have made a visit Satapada location, which is close to Puri district which has been severely affected there they have helped a few families and they observed that many do not have basic items that include food grains, clothe, water, medicine, milk powder and in many case, they need to rebuild their thatch roof huts that have been bulldozed during the cyclone and many were in need of  tarpaulin, construction materials and etc…

The observed needs were expressed and in response to it a team HOPE volunteers from Vizag reached Bhubaneswar with several relief items, Americares sent 100 Tarpaulin and one of the HOPE staff ( Shibu) was sent from Delhi to spearhead the immediate relief efforts.

All these collected items were distributed in these locations that include Bhubaneswar, Pandapokhari, Khandualapur and Gobindpur. With all these efforts over five hundred people benefited but yet it will take long time for many to bounce back to a normal life.

Cyclone Fali Relief Work