Divya Orphanage, Trichy

Address: HOPE WORLDWIDE, No.43, Rajiv Gandhi Road, Edamalaipattipudur, Trichy 620 012.

Divya Orphanage was born out of the philanthropic spirit of the Richard family from Trichy. During their stay in Trichy they found that there were many children living on streets and were being exploited. The family perceived that if these children were provided proper shelter and food, they could be nurtured to become potential and contributing citizens for the country. Based on this vision, Divya Orphanage was established. This amazing and compassionate family, not only donated the land but also constructed a vast edifice which could house more than 100 children. This structure was donated to the HOPE worldwide, India in 2003. The Richard family supported the orphanage until 2015.

Today, Divya Orphanage is a home for the street children, semi orphan and orphan children in Trichy. Till date the orphanage has supported 527 children. Currently, there are 28 children at the home. The children are provided with shelter, care, clothing, education and counselling in mental and physical wellbeing. They are enrolled in government schools for continuous education. Most of the children at the home come from a very grim and disheartening background. Some of the children were picked up from the streets by the Child Welfare Committee, while others are referred to the home through NGOs, CWC and other like-minded organizations.