Arias Home of HOPE is an orphanage for abandoned women and girl child living with HIV/ AIDS, established on three acres of land with ample surrounding space. The orphanage was established in July 2001 and is located at Perukkaranai village of Kanchipuram District, about 100 kilometers from Chennai, Tamil Nadu. The Home has cared for over 300 abandoned women and children living with HIV/ AIDS.

The Home provides shelter, food, clothing and medication. The residents are mentored to cope with physical, emotional and psychological stress they face through individual and group counseling. Great care is rendered as regards to their diet, hygiene and medication. The children from the Home are enrolled in local Government or private schools according to their requirement to pursue their education.

The grownup girls are trained in skills such as tailoring and computers in order to enable them to create their own identity in the society. During their spare time, they are involved in gardening, in learning photography and yoga. They also enjoy playing games like basketball, carrom, chess, cricket and other sports.

Arias Home of HOPE

In 2015, Reed Elsevier offered support to set up a vegetable garden on the premises. The emphasis is on organic farming and they achieved in planting diverse varieties of vegetables and fruits. The produce was partly consumed by the children and women of the orphanage and the rest sold in the local market to generate revenue to continue and sustain the garden.

Accord Group of Hotels (2017-2018) also got involved in this venture of organic vegetable garden sustenance. The orphanage was able to harvest the products continuously for the benefits of the women and children residing at the Home till today.

Arias home of hope agriculture

Number of beneficiaries: 17 girls and 1 woman*

*As on 1st June 2019. Number of children/women cared in the home keeps changing as per the admission/restoration

Arias HOME of HOPE (A Program of HOPE foundation)
Perunkaranai Village and Post
Cheyur Taluk, Chitammur Block
Acharapakkam, Near Melmarvathur Temple
Kancheepuram Dist
Kancheepuram 603309

Email Id: [email protected]
Mobile no: +91 8870471504