COVID Chennai

Your financial support could help us provide food and other supplies to more people in more cities.

HOPE foundation is actively working on getting food items to the most vulnerable families in five cities now. We are focusing on feeding the old as well as the families of migrant laborers whose lives got to a standstill.

HOPE foundation is working on extending emergency relief work to other cities.

Your donation could help us reach more people in the coming days.

  • If you would like to donate materials or work as a volunteer, please get in touch with us at saji.geevarghese@hopef.org.in
  • If you would like to donate financially, please donate online here
  • If you want to get in touch with a coordinator in your city, please see the list below:

Bangalore: Joseph – 9972166334  joseph@hopeww.in / Augustine – 9972166449 augustine@hopeww.in

Chennai: Malar Prabhat - Ph. 9381046671 malar.prabath@hopeww.org

New Delhi: Chandrasekaran – 9810997878 chandra@hopeww.in

Mumbai: Prabhu – 7506669901  prabhu@hopeww.in

Nagapattinam: Samuel - 6385208233 samuel@hopeww.in / Suresh – 8610466831  suresh@hopeww.in

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