HOPE foundation Matriculation School, Kannaginagar

Kannagi Nagar Slum Rehabilitation Colony comprises of displaced residents transported from their original dwellings to this location. This is a resettled community, comprising of marginalised and impoverished population.

They were resettled here from various slums in the city of Chennai, between 2000 to 2010. The aftermath of displacement reveals that many have become poorer. It is one of the largest slum resettlement sites in the nation. According to the Times of India July 31, 2014 article, only 9% of the total child population in the slum had opportunity to access education facilities.

The same report stated that schools in the area had only 2,000 seats for the 20,000 school going children. 35% in the 15-18 age group were dropouts and 42% were forced to commute more than 20 kilometres to schools. The 19 ICDS in the area were barely able to accommodate 400 children. Basic facilities such as education and health were found to be underprovided in the colony.

HOPE Foundation Matriculation High School had its origin in 2001. It was established to impart quality education to the children of Kannagi Nagar. It is a need-based program as many school children became dropouts and there was a rising impoverishment in the community due to a loss of livelihood. There was also a need to nurture the students as socio-emotional issues arose due to an upsurge of anti-social elements in the community and the children were often falling victim to it.

HOPE Foundation’s main motto is to bring hope and change lives of underprivileged people, and with this in its vision, started a free English medium school called HOPE Foundation Nursery and Primary School in 2001.
In 2018-19 academic year, the school received recognition and became HOPE Foundation Matriculation High School.

Currently 430 plus students are receiving FREE English medium formal education here which will enhance their learning skills and upgrade them so they can achieve better results in their studies.