HOPE foundation School, Tannery Road


SUPPORTED BY: EMC, SAP, KPMG, Allegis, H&M, Crowne Plaza

The idea for the HOPE foundation school in Bangalore was born in 1992 during a medical camp in the Id-Gha Mohella slum here. Apart from health care, the community did not have easy access to quality education. There were no affordable schools in the locality – the boys were sent off to work with their fathers as coolies, mechanics or carpenters, while the girls helped their mothers in daily chores.

Two years later, we started a pre-school in a tiny rented room in the colony. We visited every one of the 200 families living here to persuade them to send their children to the school. We eventually started the school with 30 children. Their progress soon inspired other families to send their children to school. In the second year, we got 150 new enrolments!

Today, the school is housed in a two-storied building with 372 children from Lower Kindergarten to the 10th grade, with 12 teachers and eight support staff.

With support from our partners, HOPE foundation School in Bangalore has become a model for digitized learning for our programs across India. Students learn Science with educational gadgets from Experifun. Learning English is fun and interactive through Zaya and English Helper software, while IT Wizard helps students learn technology intuitively. Our library sponsored by Hippocampus gives them access to a wide range of books.

Under the government-sponsored Midday Meal program, students have hot, nutritious meals at lunch – for some of them, it is their only square meal in the day. Our after-school program helps students from other schools learn computers and unemployed women learn computers, retail skills and spoken English to help them get jobs.