Juniper Center of HOPE, KR Puram


SUPPORTED BY: Juniper Networks

Juniper Center of HOPE trains young people and women in basic computers (MS Word, Excel, Paint and typing), Tally, DTP, tailoring, spoken English and life skills. The center was started in November 2014 with the support of Juniper Networks in Bangalore – their employees ran a marathon to raise Rs 22.22 lakh ($33,000) to help us set it up!Located in Bangalore’s KR Puram area, Juniper Center of HOPE trained close to 300 people during its first year of operations – 214 of them graduated from our computer course and 84 women were certified as tailors.Most of our students enroll in our courses right after they finish school/ college. They often lack technical skill of any kind and many of them opt for the computer course because they want better-paying jobs. Women who sign up for our tailoring course wish to supplement their family income. Many of our students have started their own tailoring units at home or have found jobs with garment factories and established tailors in the area.