We send them to school.

Over 250,000 children are getting ready for a better future at HOPE foundation‘s schools, non-formal education programs and tuition centers. Most of our students come from economically disadvantaged families with no easy access to quality education.

We focus on the overall development of each child. The curricula at our schools are designed to motivate children to stay in school by making learning fun, interactive and engaging. We do this through computer-aided learning and digitised lessons (through software such as iLearning Hotspot, English Helper, Zaya and Experifun), a wide range of extra-curricular activities and regular training of teachers to encourage innovative teaching. We pay special attention to the education of girls.

Our education support program, Cradle to Career ensures that a child completes her education, is in good health and has a choice between higher studies or a vocation after school. The program runs in seven places where over 2,500 children are on their way to finishing school.