Success Stories from Microsoft-HOPE AI School for Girls

Manisha Kumari a bright B. Com. graduate comes from a family of six. She completed her education from a Telugu medium college, with a GPA of 9.4. Manisha’s annual income of Rs. 2,04,000 ($2,756) as an Operations Executive, for DTDC Medchal, gains significance against an annual family income, of Rs.1,00,000 ($1,351). The interactive sessions on the digital platform coupled with the insights she obtained from guest lectures and mock interviews gave her knowledge and confidence that she is now able to apply at her place of work. Manisha intends to pursue an MBA and spread awareness about the course to other determined and ambitious girls in similar situations.
The lockdown provided Monisha an opportunity to fulfil a long-cherished desire, of acquiring skills the job-market required in order. The Microsoft-HOPE-AI School for Girls allowed her to further her understanding of automating processes across multiple databases and servers as well as how to mask client data to enhance customer privacy. It gave her the confidence to apply for jobs and appear for interviews. She believes her ability to grow in terms of her technical knowledge along coupled with insights on how to find, keep and grow on the job, led to the position of Senior Enterprise Database Administrator, at Cerner Corporation. Her annual income of Rs.9.5 lakhs ($12,837) is however just a steppingstone towards her real dream – of opening a classical dance academy.
A friend introduced Sonia, a young graduate, who comes from a family of 5, to the Microsoft-HOPE-AI School for Girls. On completing her training, she found a job with Cognizant Technologies, as a software-testing-coder. Her annual income of Rs. 2.4 lakhs ($3,243) will allow Sonia to support her father who runs a small business. Her aspiration is to acquire knowledge while on the job, so she can add expertise to her experience. Sonia is grateful for the digital platform which was supplemented by opportunities to learn from her peers and instructors. As an ambassador for the AI School, Sonia is keen to spread the word about the course, among friends.
Kavitha inherent, resilient spirit has made her a survivor. Her father was forced into early retirement as a result of health-related complications. As a young but now single married lady, she was forced to discontinue her studies and despite several attempts struggled to find a job. It was then that Kavitha came to know about the Microsoft-HOPE-AI School for Girls. A program mentor counselled and guided her on how she could keep learning from home, even as she juggled with household responsibilities. While still in training, Kavitha was offered a position as a system administrator, at Sri Aurobindo Society, with an annual income of Rs. 2,16,000 ($ 2,918). The digital training platform has provided her a launch-pad for a stable and promising future.
JananiJanani is passionate about statistics and felt that learning about the opportunities available to a person skilled in Python was an eye opener. Janani who is both curious and ambitious was encouraged that the course offered her the opportunity to write programs that addressed permutations and combinations as well as purchase and inventory applications that mirror real life situations. As a data scientist for, ‘Change Pond’, her annual income of Rs. 3,00,000 ($ 4,054) will support her 5-member family and supplement the earnings of her father who works as a tailor, in Pondicherry.