HOPE Foundation with the support of HCL Foundation, is implementing “Thinnai Pallikkoodam”, an ‘After School Program’ for the community students of Kannagi Nagar Slum Rehabilitation Colony studying at government schools.

The program was started in June 2017 and 400 or more students have been the beneficiaries so far. The key objective of the program is to support 200 and more students annually, from 3rd standard onwards. The vision embraces that students should excel in studies, advance their academic performance and in-school behaviour. Special encouragement is given towards language literacy, proficiency in numeracy, technology and presentation skills.

Thinnai Pallikoodam Collage

HOPE foundation Matriculation High School
403/9, TNSCB Colony,
Okkiyum thuraipakkam,kannagi nagar,
Chennai -600097.

Mr. Panneer Selvam
Program Co-ordinator
Email: Panneer@hopefoundation.org.in
Mobile No: +91 8870471507
Whatsapp No: +91 9381046672