Vocational Training Program (KGDC), Marathahalli



Supported by our long-standing partner, KGDC, the HOPE foundation vocational training center in Marathahalli, Bangalore was started in May 2015. It envisions weaning young men and women from underprivileged families, away from jobs that offer little or no scope for growth and instead push them towards opportunities which ensure they have the skills to seek better jobs, achieve success and grow in their careers.

In its first year, the center trained 247 men and women of whom 136 people went to on find jobs that made them the breadwinners of the family – 75% among them were women who learned skills that changed their lives. In our second year – April 2016 to March 2017, the number of graduates jumped to 369 of whom 168 people are now working at jobs with a combined annual income of Rs 15.48 million!