• Namaste, Kayawanth!
    Nine-year-old Kayawanth comes to school early so he can practice yoga. He plans to become a cop when he grows up and he wants a head start on his training! "I need to be fit to become a cop," he says. This determined boy is a 4th grader at CA HOPE foundation School in Hyderabad. Kayawanth almost didn’t make it to 4th grade when his parents could no longer afford to send him to school a year ago.

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  • Keeping Kajal in school
    We prepare children for school – we also help ensure they stay in school. We met Kajal when she was five, on her first visit to our Early Childhood Care & Development (ECCD) hub in Tekhand village in Okhla, Delhi. She was yet to start school then. And this is Kajal today, nine years old and happy in school, showing off the picture she drew for us when she came to visit recently.

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  • A real hero
    In his flawless English, improved through spoken English classes at Juniper Center of HOPE, Srikanth talks about his dreams - he wants to work for a big corporation one day. "I want to study Commerce in college and get a job at an MNC. I can then buy a new house for my mother," says Srikanth who dropped out of school at 13 to get a job and help support his family.

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  • Idolising a family legacy
    Meet the idol maker from Varchakudi, a quaint coastal village in Nagapattinam. With a lending hand from our zero-interest loan program, 52-year-old Karthikeyan has turned his father’s humble enterprise into a flourishing business with an annual turnover of Rs 5 lakh – that’s nearly $800! With a production of about 100 idols daily, he has also created jobs for 10 women in his village.

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  • Driven, against the odds
    "I wish more women would drive," says 37-year-old Latha, a former resident of Arias Home of HOPE in Acharapakkam near Chennai. Latha came to live at Arias Home in 2005, after she tested positive for HIV. After learning to drive in just 20 days, Latha drove the children and women at the Home to and fro the school and the hospital for eight years. "I've clocked over 62,000 miles! I love driving," she exclaims.

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