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Courage. Concern. Cheer.
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Our Focus

We are working inclusively for the holistic development of children, youth and vulnerable individuals.

Our Cradle to Career, approach is designed to help children complete school, join college, acquire an employable skill and find a job or start a small business.

We work with government schools nationwide and strive for holistic development by harnessing the power of teachers, technology, training, and extracurricular activities.


Cradle to Career

Skill Development

Enhancing Employability


An Interest-Free Launchpad for Entrepreneurs


Doorstep Doctors

Orphanages and Homes

Rescue to Restoration

Disaster Relief

Relief, Rehabilitation and Resilience

Lives transformed through development & education

Youth empowered through skilling

States covered through our interventions

Medical Interventions

Our Work

Stories of HOPE


Rupa dreamed of working at the tech park where her father was a security guard. With the HOPE foundation’s Tally programme, she achieved that goal, landing a job at Amazon. Now, she aspires to be a successful businesswoman and actress. Rupa’s journey is a testament to the transformative power of opportunity and the boundless potential within each individual.


Ruben longed to contribute to his family’s income. However, limited qualifications and skills hindered his job prospects. That’s when he turned to the HOPE Foundation for guidance. Ruben gained valuable financial accounting skills through the Tally Course at the Accor Centre of HOPE and secured a job. With HOPE’s support, Ruben stepped towards independence and achieving his goals.


Like many girls facing societal barriers, Nisha encountered numerous challenges along the way. However, with the support of the HOPE foundation and her unwavering determination, she persevered and triumphed over adversity. Today, Nisha stands tall as a doctor, realising her aspirations and bringing hope and healing to countless lives.


Shruti’s story is a remarkable testament to the life-changing impact of education. As a proud graduate of the renowned HOPE Foundation School in Bangalore, she exemplifies how access to quality education and unwavering support can unleash one’s true potential. With a resolute ambition to pursue a career in law, Shruti dedicated herself to her studies and is a proud lawyer now.


Kashifa never envisioned herself as a nurse, but the Village of HOPE’s nursing assistant program opened doors she once thought were out of reach. Through this comprehensive program, she has received invaluable training, equipping her with the expertise and confidence to embark on a successful healthcare career.


Pavitra’s journey is a testament to the transformative power of the HOPE Foundation’s Cradle to Career approach, which focuses on holistic education. With our approach, Pavitra, a young girl from a disadvantaged background, defied the odds and emerged as a national champion in cycling, showcasing her remarkable talent and resilience.


With HOPE foundation’s nursing assistant programme, Nida unearthed her passion for helping others, igniting a fire within her to impact people’s lives positively. HOPE Foundation provided the ideal platform for her to acquire the skills, knowledge, and practical experience necessary for a successful career to become a nurse.


Farhan experienced a life-altering calamity in 2020 when a high wire led to electrocution, burning his hands so severely that he had to get them amputated. Determined to keep up with his studies, Farhan returned to the HOPE Foundation School in Bhuj and learnt to write with his mouth. He dreams of being a footballer one day, but for now, he enjoys hanging out with his friends and studying English at school.

Our Work

From Women's Development to Women-led Development


We strive to serve by bridging aspirations and a promising future by ensuring social protection, health, better prospects for personal development, equality of opportunity, and a hopeful future for all we serve.

Start changing lives today.
Make a contribution.


From Cradle to Career

News Updates

HOPE foundation India received recognition for being among the top NGOs in the country at the Indian Social Impact Awards Summit 2023*.

The unwavering support of our donors, supporters, wellwishers, and team is the reason we are recognised for our efforts.

* Indian Social Impact Awards -An initiative by Indian CSR Awards to felicitate those leaders, organisations & individuals involved in social impact welfare practices.

We celebrated 30 Years of Service by volunteering, sharing meals, listening to stories, and making efforts to learn and grow.

It was heart-warming to be with program participants, colleagues, as well as new and long-standing corporate partners who have been a part of the HOPE family for more than 25 years!

While reminiscing brought encouragement, the entire team also had the opportunity to be inspired by glimpses into the future.

With financial support from Dell Technologies, HOPE foundation extended its helping hand to fight COVID- 19. We distributed PPE kits, masks, gloves, goggles, oximeters, and sanitisers to the front-line warriors in various Government medical facilities, police departments, and frontline health workers.

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